The Iron Yard: Coming to ATL

The Iron Yard: Coming to ATL

FastCompany took a look at coding schools and decided that The Iron Yard (coming soon to ATL) is all they hack up to be.

The Background:

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded a little over 1 million software developer (1,018,000) jobs in 2012 and expect that number to grow 22% over the next decade.
  • The average annual salary is just shy of $100,000.
  • Hack schools can be big business. Students invest between $3,000 and nearly $18,000 for eight to 10 weeks worth of training. Some never complete the program, have to rely on free online resources such as Codeacademy, and many remain un-employed after graduation.


The Iron Yard:

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4 Responses to The Iron Yard: Coming to ATL

  1. Great program for adults, particularly important for kids who for some reason don’t have access at school.

  2. Imagine if the state built coding into the k-12 curriculum. We’d have an entire society prepared to problem solve.

  3. That would be amazing! Talk about solving the skills gap. I’ve been looking for somewhere for my kids to learn, so this is great news!!!

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