Rally around Startup Rally

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We’ve put together quite the program for the February 18 Startup Rally. Now, the only thing we need is a wider circle of sponsorship partners to help us make this the great success that it can and will be. Just look at what’s come together in a couple weeks:

  • The largest gathering of startups in Georgia since 1895 will feature 100 startups, main stage speakers and panels all day, and the launch of Startup Georgia.
  • Students from across the state of Georgia will be filling the hall to discover the great summer startup internships available to them.
  • Potential customers and investors are lining up to be among the first to meet the next great wave of Georgia companies.
  • The press and government officials are eager to see those leading the startup/innovation sector.

Sponsorships will cover the costs of producing the event and — more importantly — give us the resources to field a robust media team to produce as much video, photography, audio, and written content about the burgeoning Atlanta/Georgia startup community. With so many great startups and people gathering, we have the opportunity to create a large library of stories and other great content to generate massive awareness locally, nationally, and globally of the great things happening here.

Here’s how you can help:

Presenting Sponsor (one remaining)
You can claim the last remaining spot to join MailChimp, BLH Venture Partners, KontrolFreek.com and NationalBuilderSupply.com.

Main Stage Sponsor (Claimed by Northwestern Mutual Insurance)
Your organization will be at the center of everyone’s attention throughout the day.

Underground Lounge Sponsor (Claimed by Social Fortress)

You can help provide attendees a place to relax, have conversation, and grab refreshments.

Registration/Agenda Sponsor 
You can make a great first impression at registration and everyone who looks at the agenda.

Featured Sponsor (one per thirty minute window)
During your half-hour, you will be recognized twice by the emcee from the main stage and your logo will be displayed on the main screen & registration screen for an extended period.

Full Sponsor
Your logo by itself on main stage & registration screen every 15 minutes.

Supporting Sponsor
Your logo sharing the main stage &  registration screen every 15 minutes.

We’re looking forward to making history and hope you can rally around Startup Rally with your financial support.

Sponsor Startup Rally

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