Double Your Gift in the Triple Crown Challenge (UPDATED 7/12)

Double Your Gift in the Triple Crown Challenge (UPDATED 7/12)

UPDATE: Only two gifts of $50 or more away from winning the ATDC Stakes – the second leg!

Now, it’s on like Donkey Kong thanks to our friends at NeboATDC, and Invest Atlanta. These three organizations have come together to issue a wager we’re calling the Triple Crown Challenge – a series of three matching gift “races” to get us into the homestretch of the Save the Baby Hippo campaign to benefit the Summer Startup Academy.

So how can you help us win the race to save baby hippos? It’s quite simple – you make a donation of $50, $250, or more to support the Summer Startup Academy. For every new donation of $50 or more, our partners will add another $50 to your gift and we get to fill in an empty baby hippo in the race card. Nebo Derby is a length of 10 new donors, ATDC Preakness is longer haul of 20 new donors, and Invest Atlanta Stakes is a sprint of 5 new donors.

Wait a minute! Just by donating $50, you can actually give a total of $100 – $50 yours and $50 theirs!?

That’s a sure bet. Help us win the race!

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Progress Update

Here’s where we stand on the Triple Crown Challenge. One leg down, two to go.

Leg 1: Nebo Derby with a purse of 10 matching gifts. Status – Winner!


Leg 2: ATDC Preakness with a purse of 20 matching gifts. Status – The Favorite is in the Lead


Leg 3: Invest Atlanta Stakes with a purse of 5 matching gifts. Status – Not Unlocked Yet


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