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(l to r) Ashish Mistry, Heath Hyneman, and Kevin Wallace

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Current Major Initiatives:

  • Content creation- We are sharing the story of ecommerce growth in Atlanta. Hypepotamus produces articles highlighting startups, ATL tech/developer talent, and events that foster the local community of innovators.
  • Provide temporary work space to ecommerce startups- We have resident companies (some teams, some individuals) who base their business in our space. These residents share their expertise with each other and our drop in collaborators while they expand their teams and build traction. This allows them to keep overhead low and network with the startup ecosystem while they prepare to grow into their own space.
  • Provide open work space to collaborators- Anyone can drop in to use our space to share ideas, find talent and collaborate. All are welcome and there is no cost to participate.
  • Ecommerce school- This is a twice a month series of community driven workshops where hands-on ecommerce lessons are taught and experiences shared.  Ecommerce school workshops are delivered by domain experts, including: store operators, technologists, marketers and leading ecommerce service organizations. Our classes are offered for free to remove participation barriers.
  • Office Hours- Lawyers, accountants, experienced ecommerce professionals, online copywriters, expert developers, and venture capitalist come to lend their expertise through one-on-one meetings in rapid fire mentoring sessions that are available to anyone interested in participating.
  • Hosting events- Monday through Thursday from 5-9PM we open our space up to local tech meetups, tech focused civic organizations, student groups & professional groups. This gives them an accessible space to host meetings, hackathons, launch parties, burning plans, and events.
  • Calendar-  Our website holds the most comprehensive calendar of startup events in Atlanta. We aggregate all of Atlanta’s startup/ecommerce/entrepreneurship focused events and promotions to create a one-stop-shop resource for everyone.
  • Job Board- Our website has a job board that helps ATL’s tech talent find projects, internships, full & part time work.

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(l to r) Ashish Mistry, Heath Hyneman, and Kevin Wallace

(l to r) Ashish Mistry, Heath Hyneman, and Kevin Wallace

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Ashish Mistry
BLH Venture Partners & KontrolFreek
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Heath Hyneman
HM Wallace / NationalBuilderSupply.com
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Kevin Wallace
HM Wallace / NationalBuilderSupply.com
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Daily Operations

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Tricia Whitlock
Operations Director @ Hypepotamus
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Media + Content Contributors

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Roger Lopez

Raven Davis

Astrid Paris

Laura Lindeman

Luke Bucshon

Kelly Albano

Jasmine Jacobs


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