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Fueled by the same entrepreneurial spirit that drives the folks we cover, Hypepotamus generates awareness about Atlanta’s innovative tech & creative community to retain local talent by connecting them with opportunities. Hypepotamus.com is the go-to source of news, events, job listings and resources for the flourishing Atlanta tech industry. We showcase students, innovators, companies and venture capitalists that are proud to call it home.

Why Atlanta?

    • Georgia has once again been ranked the No. 1 state in the U.S. for business in 2014 (Site Selection Magazine)
    • Atlanta is one of the top 5 “Best Cities for Startup Businesses” (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)
    • More than 60% of all the financial technology companies in the U.S. call Georgia home and 70 percent of all U.S. payments processed annually run through Georgia (ATP Coalition)
    • Georgia ranked 3rd for information security with 115+ companies generating 25% global revenue share of the market (Forbes)
    • In the gaming sector, Atlanta is 3rd in volume for video game planning activity and 4th in industry compensation levels (Forbes)
    • Local colleges and universities graduate over 2,400 top quality engineers every year (Forbes)
    • 3rd largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies (Atlanta Regional Commission)

Editorial Staff 
Hype’s editorial team is passionate about and plugged into Atlanta’s technology ecosystem. Meet the team:

Our Backstory
Founded in 2011 by Atlanta-based entrepreneurs Kevin Wallace, Heath Hyneman and Ashish Mistry, Hypepotamus was originally launched to provide an open collaborative space where entrepreneurs and early startups could intersect, work and build their businesses. With the rise of coworking and accelerators in Atlanta, Hypepotamus transitioned from a physical space into a news publication and community advocate platform.

As the landscape of Atlanta’s tech ecosystem has grown and evolved, so has Hypepotamus, yet our mission of connectivity has stayed the same.

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